The Members


Lucas Smith

Lucas created the league after several weeks of unorganized play.

He did a lot for the league on and off the court. He kept track

of the standings as well as bailing the rest of the league out

when Rippe caught them. He is often referred to as the "Commish"

or the "Schluke". He was responsible for a commercial the league

put out as well as attempting to get a sponsorship with Blue Diamond Almonds.


Alex Huynh

Known to those in the league as "Huynhnie the Pooh", Alex was one

greatest champions of the league. He won 5 out of the first 6 championships,

placing second to Kevin Eslava in the fourth season. He was the league's main

card provider and he spent some time shuffling before giving up the duties to

Eslava in the fourth season. He also holds the single-season record with 465 points


Kevin Eslava

Kevin was one of the top players in the N13A. Also referred to as

"Kev-O" he was one of the league's best shufflers. His glory in

the league is hidden due to the era he was in. He played 6 seasons,

finishing second 5 of the 6 seasons, finishing behind Alex Huynh each

time. He did get his one and only champion during his fourth season.


Peter Killory

Known for his wild play, Peter (aka Pete's Pete) was the life of the league.

His fierce rivalry with Kev-O made for great entertainment for the whole league.

He was known to play 2's against low 3's and pulling out multiple triples in a single

hand. Although he never got a championship, Peter's legacy will be remembered for

being the "class clown" of the league